GALLERY - old clubhouse

These pictures below all show the old clubhouse. All photos are 'thumbnails' - click on each to download a larger version.

Stalwart band of painters who blitzed the interior on March 24th 2009:

paint2.jpg (78420 bytes)   paint1.jpg (55174 bytes)    paint3.jpg (52796 bytes)

Some photos at a very HW around Oare Creek, taken by Mike Perkins on March 19th 2009:

IMG_2865.jpg (67537 bytes) IMG_2866 IMG_2870.jpg (97493 bytes)  IMG_2871.jpg (79179 bytes) IMG_2879.jpg (100944 bytes)

The Fitting-Out Supper on March 16th 2009:

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The Boat Jumble on March 10th 2009:

P1000514.jpg (95635 bytes)  P1000515.jpg (97387 bytes)  P1000517.jpg (74464 bytes)  P1000518.jpg (94505 bytes)  

Prize givings:

    Jim Lorraine Mike Rod



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